Beaches in India
The beautiful country of India is blessed with numerous beaches. The beautiful beaches are a major tourist attraction in India. Amongst the best-known beaches of India are the Beaches of Goa or Beaches of Karnataka, Beaches of Tamil Nadu or Beaches of Kerala, Beaches of Andaman or Beaches of Lakshadweep. Each one of these beach destinations offers the best of beaches tours to India.

Sun, sand, sea and surf make the beach tours of India unforgettable. Water sports and marine life add to the tourist attractions of the beach tours of India. The salubrious climate and the stunning scenery make the beach tours of India picture perfect. For the fun lovers windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, yachting, scuba diving and a host of other water sports are a must try while enjoying the beach tours in India, which is offered by Rishab Travels.